About Me

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Hi, my name is Amir and i’m Persian, born in Tehran, i have studied civil engineering, my career in the real world is designing and construction supervising. To gain a deeper thinking and have a means to fully express my ideas, I produce internet contents on lifestyle matters, my cornerstone of a lifestyle attitude consists of classical and minimal styles.

Minimalism helped us to:
• Eliminate our discontent   • Reclaim our time   • Live in the moment   • Pursue our passions   • Discover our missions   • Experience real freedom   • Create more, consume less   • Focus on our health   • Grow as individuals   • Contribute beyond ourselves   • Rid ourselves of excess stuff   • Discover purpose in our lives

I have had ample trips to many countries and cities across the world due to my adventurous personality. I have had encounters to various cultures and custom types. I Personally believe that the human mindset is taken from his trips, i am deeply in love with nature and believe in the close relation between human and Mother Nature. In my opinion, we ought to inspire things from nature, where it can exert the most effects.
I read, write, take photos, listen to and play music in my spare time. The traditional Iranian genre of music is one of my favorites in the music field.
Workout exercises have had crucial roles in my personal life; I have regular and constant schedules set for sports during the week. Swimming is my professional sport . Moreover, I am also a member of water polo high rank team.

I would be glad if you let me know your valuable opinions about the content I share on my blog. | Contact