Is there a problem?! It is time for tea with cheesecake then

Man confronts with different big and small problems in life for which he does not find proper solutions, problems that put a heavy mental burden on the mind.

To get rid of the situation faster, we usually either make a hasty decision that causes more mistakes to be made and occupies the mind with several other peripheral subjects or subconsciously engage ourselves in uninterrupted thought about problems. This only leaves you haloed by severe senses of agitation and anxiety with no other results, and we sink so much in the situation that the problems get excessively dense for us.

The best decision in these conditions is to get out of the situation that confronts us with problems and to provide ourselves with an opportunity to view the inside issue from an outside perspective.

It will help a lot if you hold a simple personal habit, a habit that we ourselves have defined for ourselves and we will use it as long as we are stuck in these conditions of bewilderment. My habit in such situations is that I say it is time for tea with cheesecake. I go to my friend’s café, order original Iranian stewed tea with cheesecake, tell him to play my favorite music, and start reading a newspaper.

Holding such a habit sets you totally free from the conditions that have occupied the thought, and lets you put the mind in a divergent situation for decision-making.

So, is there a problem?! It is time for tea with cheesecake then

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    Good article , i really enjoy it!

    September 12, 2016 at 5:53 pm
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